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    We are Autoplace. One of the Okanagan and Kelowna's best BCAA approved repair shops. We are open 7 days a week to serve you.

    We are Autoplace - use our convenient online booking program to book your service/repair/maintenance in Kelowna and the Okanagan Valley. We take bookings for all you car repair,auto repair,van repair,truck repair,suv repair, auto maintenance, car maintenance, van maintenance,truck maintenance,suv maintenance, oil change, auto service or car service needs. Select a time that is convenient and submit your request and our excellent staff will get back to you by email to confirm or suggest another time slot that will work into your schedule.

    We are Autoplace - We are open extended hours for your convenience. Open from 8am - 5:30pm on weekdays, 8:30 - 5pm on Saturday and 10am -3pm on Sunday. We are here in Kelowna to help service,repair,maintain,tune up, your car, van. auto, truck,suv,s.u.v.,automobile,vehicle at times that are convenient for you. So call or stop in to our Kelowna location or use our convenient online booking program to set up all your auto parts, auto repair, car repair, van repair, mechanical work and automotive service to be done. We do oil changes and all other auto repair in Kelowna.

    We are Autoplace - Our professional mechanics are Kelowna based and we are a proud Kelowna and Okanagan Valley owed company. We have been operating in the Kelowna and Okanagan Valley area for over 25 years in the same location. We have an excellent reputation as a Kelowna business.

    We are Autoplace - we have courtesy cars for your convenience - so if you have an auto repair,auto emergency,car repair, car emergency,truck repair, truck emergency, car service or any automotive service needs in Kelowna or the Okanagan valley we can have you getting around until your vehicle is up and running.

    We are Autoplace - we are open 7 days a week. If you need an auto repair,automobile repair,car repair,car service,truck repair,van repair,suv repair, in Kelowna on Saturday or Sunday we can help. When you are on holidays there is nothing worse than a car,truck,van,suv, break down on the weekend. Look no further. If you have a break down and need auto repair,car repair,van repair,truck repair, or emergency mechanical repairs. We are open 7 days a week to help you get back to your holidays, business trip, or just running around Kelowna and the beautiful Okanagan valley.

    We are Autoplace - We are BCAA approved and we will service all models of vehicles, repair, maintain, car service, oil change, auto service and tune up your can,van,truck,suv. We even do work on trailers. Our shop in Kelowna has 4 bays to serve you faster. We will perform all manner of service making your service,tune up, maintenance,repair and or upgrade an amazing Kelowna experience. We specialize in all manner of auto repair,auto service,car repair,car service,auto maintenance,car maintenance,truck repair,truck service,auto tune ups,car tune ups,engine repair,engine maintenance,engine tune ups. We also work on diesel engines,doing diesel tune ups,diesel maintenance and diesel repair.

    We are Autoplace - Our service repair mechanics, will be happy to explain all the repair,maintenance,tune up,replacements we will perform on your vehicle. They understand our Kelowna weather and can help advise you on your best purchases to help your auto,can,van,truck, preform the best in the Kelowna and Okanagan. So whether you need tires,batteries,brakes,engine tune up,spark plugs,rotors,kelowna,auto repair,distributors caps,rotors,fuel lines,brake lines,oil,synthetic oil,kelowna,auto repair, mags,lift kits, auto parts, automotive parts, we can do it all and so much more. We perform oil changes, and all types of auto service.

    We are Autoplace - In Kelowna we can also order in many performance parts for your car,van,suv, and truck. Our mechanics will be pleased to help you get the most from your car,van,truck,auto,automobile,suv and suggest the best performance parts to help make your Kelowna driving and Kelowna commuting experience a treat. We can quickly order for your Kelowna car,van,truck,suv,or diesel vehicle performance air filters,performance mufflers,performance swaybars,performance air filter housing,performance brakes, performance shocks,performance lift kits and many other performance parts to make your driving in Kelowna and the Okanagan a more efficient,safe,comfortable experience.

    We are Autoplace - we are a Kelowna and Okanagan valley BCAA approved mechanic/service/repair facility. We are approved to perform top quality service in Kelowna for all your car service,van repair, truck repair, auto repair,automobile repair, car service, auto service,truck service,van service,suv service,diesel service and automotive service needs.

    We are Autoplace - we were honored by "Best of the Okanagan" readers award as the best automotive service and the best auto repair in Kelowna for November/December 2012. We take pride in being the best automotive service and auto repair store in Kelowna, and are grateful to our hundreds of customers that helped make this possible.

    We are Autoplace - Not only do we do keys, but we have a full line of automotive parts, auto parts, car parts, van parts, vehicle parts. We sell quality car batteries in Kelowna. Well stock 13 inch,14 inch,15 inch,16 inch and 18 inch tires suitable for Kelowna driving.

    We are Autoplace - Our full service Kelowna auto parts department/store has on stock or can order - tires,rims,mags,auto repair,kelowna,batteries,oxygen sensors,auto repair,kelowna,auto repair,shocks struts,coils,lug nuts,studs,belts,fan belts,alternator belts,kelowna,auto repair,car batteries,power steering belts,kelowna,auto repair,alternators,starters,kelowna,auto repair,distributor caps,distributors,kelowna,auto repair,oil,synthetic oil,auto batteries,transmission fluid,kelowna,auto repair,brake fluid,power steering fluid,fuel lines,kelowna,auto repair,fuel tanks,auto parts,fuel additives,kelowna,auto repair,shocks,struts,coils,kelowna,auto repair,auto parts,automotive parts,condenser coils,air conditioning parts,kelowna,auto repair,cv joints,ball joints,steering components,lug nuts,kelowna,auto repair,studs,performance mufflers,kelowna,auto repair,performance brakes,performance air filter,performance sway bar,kelowna,auto repair,air filters,pcv value,fuel filters,oil filters,gaskets,kelowna,auto repair,in line fuel filters,air filter housing,kelowna,auto repair,spark plugs,auto parts,automotive batteries,spark plug wires,automotive parts,diesel engine parts,kelowna,auto repair,glow plugs,injectors,oil additives, and much much more

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    • Brakes

       A recent ICBC report states that there were 127 vehicle crashes due to defective brakes! We offer NO CHARGE brake inspection which in…

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    • Fluid Exchange

      Fluid exchange:  We can help you extend the life of your vehicle and resale value. We are fully equipped to perform coolant, power ste…

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    • Oil Change

      Oil Change:  Includes up to 5 litres of Pennzoil, filter and chassis lube.  All oil changes include an under the hood inspection and w…

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    • Tires

      As you already know, your tires are very important when it comes to safety on the road and that is where we come in. We offer a wide…

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